Beyond 5G And Traditional Carriers: Continued LTE And MVNO Success

Mobile Industry News for the Week of March 13, 2017

While 5G and traditional carriers continue to dominate wireless news, this week we learned about some alternative trends shaking up the telecoms space. We already know that some companies are beginning to prioritize 5G, but a new report from ABI Research shows that LTE will continue to thrive for the next decade, even after 5G deployment. LTE technology will evolve to provide high-speed services comparable to 5G, with even more coverage capabilities. Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services are also gaining steadfast popularity because they are more cost-efficient than traditional carriers. The stories on our minds are below.

LTE Over 5G — The wireless space is focused on the future of 5G but a new ABI Research report predicts that 4G/LTE will still be just as important. According to PCWorld, ABI Research found that LTE currently carries 67 percent of all mobile traffic and that is expected to grow to 82 percent by 2022. Only 13 percent of traffic will be on 5G. Consumers still have a lot to gain from LTE technology because it’s getting faster — ABI expects that more than 15 operators will offer more advanced gigabit-speed LTE by the end of this year. Rural areas will also be sticking with LTE for a while since 5G millimeter-wave signals don’t travel as far as LTE. With so much chatter about 5G, it’s refreshing to hear that the LTE network will still evolve.

New Mobile Service In Brazil — Business Insider reported that the Brazilian postal service Correios launched its own MVNO service this month. In the hopes to diversify its revenue sources, Correios is using Telecom Italia’s bandwidth and Surf Telecom to distribute the network, with the goal of 8 million subscribers by 2022. MVNOs make for attractive alternatives to traditional carriers because they don’t cost as much to deploy, and can therefore offer lower service rates to consumers.

What news stories are on your minds this week? We’d love to hear what stories you’re dialing into.