Set In Stone: Carriers Dominate Wireless Market, Comcast Launches Xfinity Mobile

Mobile Industry News for the Week of May 15, 2017

Carriers are going to rule the wireless world for some time to come. While Amazon or Dish are reportedly considering a wireless partnership, the current wireless market is ultimately not that enticing for new business ventures since carriers are dominating with competitive phone plans. Cable company Comcast officially launched its Xfinity Mobile service this week, but it is a hyper-targeted offering that doesn’t aim to compete with major carriers. The stories on our minds are below.

Carriers Still Dominate Wireless — Amazon and Dish Network are rumored to be considering a wireless partnership, but according to Fortune, it is highly unlikely. Since it has a lot of unused wireless spectrum, Dish is under pressure to build a wireless network by 2020. However, neither company has responded to the speculation. Carriers shouldn’t be too concerned about new players entering the wireless market simply because they are fueling “wireless self-disruption” themselves. With all major carriers offering the same cost efficient, unlimited data plans, there’s no real opportunity for new players to break into the market and offer something new. Even major companies like Google and Facebook haven’t made an explicit effort in recent times to move their wireless initiatives forward.

Cable And Wireless As One — While Amazon and Dish may be avoiding the wireless market for now, Comcast is moving forward with its own wireless business. Xfinity Mobile, which serves Comcast’s customers, was made publicly available this week. According to Fortune, Xfinity Mobile is still a niche offering that targets cable customers who subscribe to Comcast’s high-end X1 packages and therefore not really a threat to wireless players. TechCrunch reports that one of the benefits of Xfinity Mobile is that customers will be automatically switched over to one of Comcast’s hotspots when in range. The Xfinity Mobile app also allows customers to track their data use and payment options, a refreshing approach to customer transparency.

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