Truly Connected: Networks For Cars And Cities

Mobile Industry News for the Week of March 20, 2017

Are connected cars another business opportunity for mobile service providers? Verizon, as with other carriers, is certainly intrigued and will start offering Wi-Fi capabilities for connected cars. As we see more Internet of Things released to market, carriers too will adapt their Wi-Fi services to accommodate these new devices.

Some U.S. cities could also benefit from a boost in connectivity. RootMetrics’ recently released rankings showing that major cities (hint: San Francisco) are way behind when it comes to cellular network coverage. The stories on our minds are below.

A Hotspot For Your Car — Verizon is making strides with the connected car, according to Fortune. This week, the company announced a product expansion to its Hum connected car line, including a Wi-Fi hotspot so that customers can go online using their laptop or tablet. As part of the new HumX package ($15 per month), the Wi-Fi connection will be enabled via a device that connects to the car’s data ports and also monitors the car’s performance. T-Mobile and AT&T also introduced Wi-Fi offerings for cars last year. As the Internet of Things continues to flourish, carriers will need to accept that smartphones will become one of many forms of communication.

The City With The Best Reception — According to 2017 RootMetrics’ rankings, Indianapolis delivers the strongest cellular reception in the United States. The report ranks 125 major metro areas in the country for the following six factors: overall performance, network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance, and text performance. Smaller metro areas like Indianapolis performed better than highly populated cities like New York City and Los Angeles. Although it’s considered the tech hub of the country, San Francisco placed number 86 on the list.

What news stories are on your minds this week? We’d love to hear what stories you’re dialing into.