TechCrunch: How Mexico went from telecom laggard to mobile trailblazer

Read TechCrunch Contributor, Ira Brodsky’s, piece on the Mexican mobile market. He highlights the leading mobile operators in the region, most notably Telefónica Mexico and their Movistar On brand. He also discusses ItsOn’s platform that powers Movistar and enables millennials to feel in control of their mobile experience.

“Telefónica partnered with Silicon Valley-based ItsOn to build Movistar On around that firm’s cloud-client platform. “Cloud-client” is the architecture of choice among internet phenoms like Amazon and Uber. The cloud component enables the operator to quickly introduce new services, while the client piece gives users the self-service functionality that millennials crave. The combination enables Telefónica’s marketers to engage subscribers directly, presenting them with timely offers and closely tracking their choices…Users can see exactly what they’ve used at any point in the billing cycle and make adjustments right from their phones. This appeals to millennials who prefer self-service over calling customer service and being put on hold, and who feel they have a right to know exactly what they are getting for their money. Such are the expectations of young people who have grown up with the internet and smart devices.”

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